Group: Brassicas

Daikon Radish

Daikon Radish is great for food plots, winter cattle forage and soil improvements. Deer eat both the green top and the radish itself. Daikon Radish is also used in soil improvements as cover crop. Read more…

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Six Point Chicory

Six Point chicory is a high yielding, broad-leaved perennial herb that has excellent feed value for livestock as well as deer and other wildlife. It has been bred for greatly improved disease resistance, which significantly increases survival under grazing. Six Point also breaks winter dormancy earlier, so it has a longer growing season to provide […] Read more…

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Purple Top

Purple top turnips are an easy to grow, short season brassica species. They grow rapidly and are an excellent choice for fall grazing livestock or wildlife species. This dual-purpose plant produces a large purple top spherical root and leafy foliage that can both be grazed. Because they provide a high-protein and high-energy food source, turnips […] Read more…

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