Group: Cool Season Grasses

(for late winter/spring planting)

Cajun II Fescue

Download Tech Sheet Cajun II is an endophyte-Free forage tall fescue. With high yields and extended longevity, it produces an abundance of non-toxic forage for many years. Combat productivity and profit losses caused by fescue toxicosis with Cajun II. Read more…

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Frostproof Ryegrass

Download Tech Sheet FrostProof is an improved ryegrass that handles cold weather and provides superior forage production. Graze it with all livestock species in both rotational grazed and continuous grazed pastures. Can also be used for hay and silage, wildlife, and as a cover crop. Read more…

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Big Boss Ryegrass

Download Tech Sheet BIG is better! Big Boss is a very high performing and very popular ryegrass. Farmers and ranchers love its high yields, later maturity, advanced disease resistance, increased cold tolerance, and impressive re-growth. Read more…

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