Available in 50# or 2000# Tote Bags

Triticale (Triticosecale rimpaui) heads

Fridge Triticale is a tall facultative variety that has excellent winter survivability, and is widely adapted to hardiness in zones 1-6. It is known for its strong stems, dark green foliage, and long awnletted (small bearded) heads.

Fridge Trtiticale has very good early growth which gives it excellent ground covering ability and weed suppression. It’s extremely aggressive and deep root system scavenges nitrogen and pulls it back up to the soil surface.

Fridge handles heavy grazing and has better protein levels than its hybrid parents: Rye & Durum.

Fridge Triticale is Excellent for:

  • Grazing
  • Ground Cover
  • Holding Soil
  • Weed Suppression
  • Winter Hardiness
  • Early Season Growth
  • Root System Growth

Planting and Seeding
Seeding Rate as Cover Crop: 50-70 lbs per acre
Seeding Rate as Forage: 100-120 lbs per acre