Fly Control Blocks

Download: Stockade Fly Control Brochure for more information

Flies create a huge nuisance for cattle and horses, as well as their human caretakers. Horn flies alone can cause 15 to 20 pounds per head in lost weight gain in a single season. Face flies are known vectors in the spread of diseases such as pinkeye. Biting horn and stable flies spread blood borne diseases such as anaplasmosis. Nuisance lawsuits due to flies are also on the rise. For all of these reasons, fly control is critical.

The Solution

STOCKADE® offers supplements containing Rabon® Oral Larvicide, Altosid® IGR or ClariFly® Larvicide. All additives provide safe, effective control of flies by interrupting the fly life cycle. Rabon® kills fly larvae on contact invthe manure pat. Altosid® mimics the juvenile hormone and ClariFly® disrupts the formation of the fly exoskeleton, each preventing larvae from maturing into adults.

Rabon®, Altosid®, and ClariFly® safely pass through the digestive tract to become active in the manure. These additives do not affect existing adult flies. For optimum control, use in conjunction with good management practices and proper sanitation.

How to Use:

Start feeding the STOCKADE® fly control supplement of your choice in the spring before flies first appear and continue throughout the summer and into the fall until cold weather restricts fly activity.
The proper feeding period will vary with geographical location and should be determined by the emergence date of flies from previous years. Just place the desired supplement in pastures where animals congregate at the recommended stocking rate for convenient, low-stress fly control. Feed as the only source of salt or minerals for your livestock for reliable, consistent results.

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