Our 50# Black Sunflower Seed Bags: $17.99 & Premium Wild Bird Seed $14.99 are Made in Oklahoma!

For help with your seeding needs. Please call us toll free.
In El Reno call Tom Ross toll free at (866) 262-3456
In Chickasha call Steve Calhoun toll free at (866) 400-2222

From a single seed packet to enough to fill a field: we carry only the finest quality seed available for your planting needs. Tom and Walter Ross (in El Reno) and Steve Calhoun (in Chickasha) all hold degrees in Agronomy from Oklahoma State University and have been advising farmers and home gardeners for decades.

Spring Whitetail Mix 2019:
45% Red Ripper Cowpeas
30% Soybeans
25% Mungbeans &
Millet-Grain Sorghum

We also offer other
wildlife seeds for 2019:
Spring Whitetail Mix
Waterfowl Keeper
Dwarf Essex Rape
WGF Sorghum
Egyptian Wheat
Peredovik Sunflower
Wilder Game Sorghum
Cert. CCS779 Forage Radish
Sun Hemp
Jupiter Rice

Deer Corn
50# Bag or Bulk Stockade Sportsman Deer Block
Deer Attractant
Rice Bran
Block Topper
Garland Animal Wellness
Deer Pellets
Developed by Dr. Harry Jacobson, a noted whitetail deer expert and wildlife biologist.

Mineral Supplement

Trophy Rock
Adjust your soil pH with limestone pellets

Nourish or supplement your plots with one of the following fertilizer blends:

Our sunflower seeds in a local crop

ALFALFA- Round Up Ready – See varieties on our Seed page.

W-L Research is committed to developing the best proprietary alfalfas available anywhere and producing high quality seed on those varieties for sale to progressive producers throughout the U.S. and the world, helping farmers to plant the most advanced alfalfa seed available today.

We’re the state dealer for Eagle Seed. We are currently booking the #1 Roundup Ready Forage Soybean, Large Lad RR & Game Keeper Mix
Known for being the Largest Biomass Producer & Highest Leaf Protein