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Cool Season Grasses

(for late winter/spring planting)

Big Boss Ryegrass

BIG is better! Big Boss is a very high performing and very popular ryegrass. Farmers and ranchers love its high yields, later maturity, advanced disease resistance, increased cold tolerance, and impressive re-growth.

Frostproof Ryegrass

FrostProof is an improved ryegrass that handles cold weather and provides superior forage production. Graze it with all livestock species in both rotational grazed and continuous grazed pastures. Can also be used for hay and silage, wildlife, and as a cover crop.

Cajun II Fescue

Cajun II is an endophyte-Free forage tall fescue.  With high yields and extended longevity, it produces an abundance of non-toxic forage for many years. Combat productivity and profit losses caused by fescue toxicosis with Cajun II. 

Turf Grasses

Championship Blend Perennial Ryegrass

Champion GQ is a three way blend of endophyte-enhanced perennial ryegrasses. This variety is primarily used for Golf Courses, sports fields, parks, schools and commercial landscaping. Product details: excellent performance at lower mowing heights, high endophyte levels, high levels of gray leaf spot resistance, excellent for permanent turf or winter overseeding.

CrossFire 4 Tall Fescue

Excellent turf color, quality, density and texture. Very disease resistant, especially to Brown Patch. Broad adaptation throughout the US. Excellent for shade tolerance and for low maintenance. Well adapted to hot summers, lower fertility soils, higher salt conditions, shade, and tough use situations.

Recommended for lawns, parks, golf course roughs and sod production. Can be blended with other improved varieties of turf type tall fescues and also mixes with broader leafed varieties of Kentucky bluegrass.

Titan RX Fescue

Even when conditions are less than ideal, the Titans are well known and valued for providing durable, attractive turf. Titan Rx turf-type tall fescue is the 4th generation Titan variety. 

It continues the Titan legacy by combining all the excellent features of the previous parentage with further selections for improved color, even stronger resistance to brown patch, heat, drought and winter, and increased rhizome growth. Titan Rx also has excellent shade tolerance, making it a very versatile variety.

Titan TLC Tall Fescue

TLC Fescue Blend is a special formulation of great-performing and compatible tall fescues that fit together to create a beautiful, yet durable and hardy lawn. With its natural dark-green color and fine-leaved texture, deep roots, natural pest and disease resistance, and self-repairing rhizomes, TLC Tall Fescue Blend should provide you with many years of beauty and durability. 

Creeping Red Fescue

This cool season grass needs moist soil until it is established. However, once it is established, it has a very deep root system and is very resistant to wear and drought. Red fescue has very fine blades and a very attractive emerald green color when well irrigated.

Water Saver Turf Fescue

Water Saver Turf Fescue is a special blend of Turf Type Tall Fescues selected for superb color, texture, disease resistance and mobility. Its deep rooting system enables Water Saver to tolerate drought and heat exceptionally well.

Your Water Saver lawn will grow beautifully in sun or shade allowing you to mow close and decrease your lawn maintenance. Best of all, you’ll use substantially less water to maintain the richness of your Water Saver lawn.


(for frost seeding)


Crimson clovers are easy to distinguish and beautiful to behold. Crimson’s large seed is responsible for its ability to easily establish in most seedbed conditions including simple broadcasting in untilled areas. Widely used as a cover crop and as forage. Nitrogen producer.

Medium Red

Early flowering clover. Commonly used for hay, grazing, weed suppression, and soil building. Medium red clover’s extensive root system and deep tap root can penetrate multiple feet, providing access to nutrients and moisture over other more shallow-rooted clovers.

Yuchi Arrowleaf 

Yuchi Arrowleaf Clover is about the best-looking clover that you can get, while still fulfilling all the needs of your cattle or game targets.  The Yuchi Arrowleaf variety blooms with pink, white and purple flowers. Has a heavy reseeding tendency, which makes it a worthwhile addition to your property.


Ladino clover is especially responsive to cool, moist conditions. It also responds to irrigation about as much as any other legume. Because of its shallow root system, it is not adapted to shallow, droughty soils.  It is widely used for forage, especially in pasture.  It is high in protein digestibility, a heavy nitrogen fixer, easy to establish and moderately winter hardy.


Renovation was bred for maximum stolon density, longer life, and greater animal performance. Renovation is ideal for livestock pastures, wildlife food plots, fescue toxicosis mitigation, slope stabilization, and perennial ground cover.

Hubam White Sweet Clover

Hubam sweet clover is an annual cool season legume and a phenomenal attractant for pollinators and beneficial insects. The sweet smelling white flower of hubam is very attractive to insects, especially honeybees. Hubam is one of the most heat tolerant of all clovers and grows well through the summer, providing a deep taproot and considerable above ground biomass that is excellent forage.


Forage/Hay Oats

Heavy northern spring oats for forage and hay.  Plant in February and March.  Available in 50# bags or 2,000# totes.


Purple Top 

Purple Top Turnips grow rapidly and are an excellent choice for grazing livestock or wildlife species. This dual-purpose plant produces a large purple top spherical root and leafy foliage that can both be grazed. Because they provide a high-protein and high-energy food source, turnips are one of the most popular food plot plants for whitetail deer. 

Barkant Forage

Barkant turnips have a high bulb yield, and good top growth. Key features: vigorous white turnip, good leaf and root yield, ideal for grazing, high energy feed.


CCS-779 Daikon Radish

Certified CCS-779 is a powerful multipurpose cover crop, useful for scavenging nutrients, improving soil and reducing weeds.  CCS-779 was the first US radish variety developed specifically for cover crop usage.

Ross Spring Wildlife Mix 

Contents (in order of greatest to least):

  • Cowpeas
  • Soybeans
  • Mungbeans
  • Forage Sorghum

We also offer other wildlife seeds:

  • Austrian Winter Peas
  • Hairy Vetch
  • Alfalfa
  • Medium Red Clover
  • Yuchi Arrowleaf Clover
  • Ladino Clover
  • Crimson Clover
  • Renovation Clover
  • Japanese Millet
  • Dwarf Essex Rape
  • Buckwheat
  • CCS 779 Daikon Radish
  • Purple Top Turnips
  • Six Point Chicory
  • Sugar Beets