Group: Alfalfa

Cisco II Alfalfa

Hi-Salt Salinity Tolerant Alfalfa Download more info: Cisco II Hi-Salt Alfalfa Seed Performance True fall-dormancy 6, semi-dormant alfalfa seed variety with high yield and forage quality potential Germination and forage production salinity tolerance for tough soils Demonstrates spring frost tolerance Management Well adapted to the transitional zone between dormant and non-dormant alfalfas Fits the wide […] Read more…

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OK 49 Alfalfa

OK 49 Alfalfa variety was selected by and developed at the Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station by plant breeders from Oklahoma State University for its high forage yields, improved levels of pest resistance and the variety’s longer stand life. OK 49 was selected for pest resistance to aphids, Phytophthora root rot and other root and crown […] Read more…

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Ross Premium Blend Alfalfa

Ross’ Premium Blend Alfalfa is a combination of two Proprietary (Excellent Genetics) Varieties. The Blend is comprised of a 5 and 6 Dormancy selection. Premium Blend is a multiple branching variety with an excellent disease package that will yield a very high Leaf-to-Stem quality of forage! It is a Ross-proven favorite that will give Hay […] Read more…

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