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Austrian Winter Peas

Austrian winter pea is a low-growing, cool season, viny legume that supplies a protein rich and highly palatable food source much favored by deer and other wildlife species. With crude protein levels approaching 25% or higher, Austrian winter peas are a highly attractive and nutritious food source for deer from late fall into spring. As […] Read more…

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Fridge Triticale

Available in 50# or 2000# Tote Bags Triticale (Triticosecale rimpaui) heads Fridge Triticale is a tall facultative variety that has excellent winter survivability, and is widely adapted to hardiness in zones 1-6. It is known for its strong stems, dark green foliage, and long awnletted (small bearded) heads. Fridge Triticale has very good early growth […] Read more…

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