Group: Sorghum-Sudangrass

Defiance (Sugar Cane Aphid Tolerant)

Sorghum Sudan Hybrid Key Strengths The best SCA tolerance on the market to date Season long SCA tolerance Male sterile for higher feed quality Excellent leaf to stem ratio For grazing, haying, green chop, haylage Fast recovery after grazing or cutting Drought tolerant Excellent foliar disease resistance Agronomic Traits Seed Color: Red/Bronze Seeds/lb.: 19-20K seed/lb. […] Read more…

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Ross Elite / Surpass BMR

The Ross Elite / Surpass BMR is usually planted from March through July, or when the soil temperature is at least 60 degrees and rising. It can be planted for a variety of uses including hay, baleage, silage, greenchop, and direct grazing. The BMR sorghum has several distinct advantages over normal sorghum types. Such advantages […] Read more…

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Super Sugar

Super Sugar is a high yielding conventional forage grass best used for hay, grazing, or as a cover crop. Thin sweet stems make it highly palatable with stem sugar ranging from 12-16%. Planting higher populations will result in finer stems, finer stems dry quicker producing higher quality hay. The improved drought tolerant genetics allow Super […] Read more…

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