We’ve got the products to help you get the BIG BUCKS: Ross Whole Corn, Deer Pellets and Blocks, Buck Seduction Pellets and Attractant (Made in Oklahoma), Rice Bran, Trophy Rock, etc.

Sportsman Deer Block

The apple flavored Sportsman Deer block (shown above) delivers protein, minerals and vitamins to help keep your local populations of deer and other wildlife healthy and flourishing. Just place these convenient blocks near areas deer are known to frequent (feeding, drinking and bedding areas or near active paths). 

Buck Seduction Extreme Attractant

Premium attractant that will treat up to 300# of corn or feed.  Apply this attractant directly on the ground, in a broadcast feeder, or a gravity feeder.

Trophy Rock

Trophy Rock is an all natural mineral supplement to provide deer with the electrolytes and trace minerals they need for optimum health.

Ross Fall Wildlife Seed

Ross Fall Wildlife Mix 2021

Our Ross Fall Wildlife Mix is a proven Oklahoma blend that attracts deer and other wildlife.  It’s a mixture of small grains, brassicas, and legumes.  We recommend planting 50 pounds per acre around mid-September through the end of October.

Ross Fall Wildlife Mix 2021 Contains (in order of greatest to least): Forage Wheat, Oats, Triticale, Austrian Winter Peas, Daikon Radish, Purple Top Turnips, Crimson Clover, Chicory, Trophy Rape, and Soybeans. 

Ross Quality Whole Corn

Our deer corn is locally grown, right here in Oklahoma.  Ross Quality Whole Corn is locally raised, thoroughly cleaned, whole corn for livestock and deer consumption.  It is cleaned and bagged at our Seed Plant in El Reno.  Available in 50 lb. bags or 2,000 lb. totes.  Guaranteed Analysis: Protein – 8%, Fat – 2.5%, Fiber – 3%

Other Wildlife Seeds:

Ross Peredovik Sunflowers / Buck Forage Oats  / Austrian Winter Peas  / Purple Top Turnips 
Crimson Clover  / Forb Feast Chicory / Large Lad Soybeans / Gamekeeper Mix Soybeans
Hairy Vetch / Alfalfa  / Japanese Millet / Trophy Forage Rape / Buckwheat  / Sugar Beets 
Waterfowl Keeper / Chufa / Egyptian Wheat / Wilder Game Sorghum / Daikon Radish / Sun Hemp
Jupiter Rice / Red Ripper Cowpeas / Iron & Clay Cowpeas / Big Buck 6 Natural Soybeans
Gamekeeper Blend-RR Soybeans

Large Lad-RR Soybeans

Big Fellow-RR Soybeans

Wildlife Manager-RR Soybeans