January 2022

  • Don’t let your plants suffer!  December was unseasonably warm and dry.  Give your plants a drink NOW if you haven’t lately.  Try and do this periodically during those dry spells in between periods of snow and rain this winter.
  • Start the New Year off right!  Consider a New Year’s resolution to get yourself and your home ORGANIZED.  We have all the supplies you need to accomplish this!  From storage containers to shelving units, we have options for all the areas inside and outside your home. 
  • When cold weather comes around, feeding our feathered friends is very helpful.  We have Oklahoma grown Ross Black Oil Sunflower Seed and Ross Premium Wild Bird Seed in stock right now.
  • Use roundup or broadleaf killer to kill weeds in the yard without damaging your Bermuda grass.  Apply on a warmer day when temps are 60 degrees or above.
  • We have a great selection of mulch to protect your plants from the harsh Oklahoma weather: No Float Cypress, Grade A Cedar, Pine Bark, and Cottonseed Hulls.REMEMBER! 
  • In case of nasty weather, we have ice melt in 20# and 50# bags.It’s time to start thinking about your spring garden.  Remember we have a great selection of bulk garden seed available. 
  • Planting time will be here before you know it! January is a good time to check your air filters!  Typically, air filters should be changed every 30-90 days.  Pro-tip, set a recurring calendar reminder to change your filters, as directed, and breathe easy inside your home.
  • Shop our TrueValue selection online – and see our in-stock inventory:

    For El Reno:

    For Chickasha:

    Ross’ is the perfect place to buy a Traeger Grill locally!

    Traeger Grills are built to give you the ultimate all-in-one outdoor cooking experience. Use it as a grill, BBQ, smoker, or a wood-fired convection oven. Steak, brisket, prime rib, hamburgers, pork loin, kabobs, pizza, even cookies and biscuits!

    The Traeger Grills that we carry are:

    • Pro 575 Pellet Grill in Black
    • Pro 780 Pellet Grill in Black
    • Tailgater Pellet Grill
    • Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill
    • Pro Series 32 Pellet Grill

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